Success Virtual Training™

Success Virtual Training™ SVT is a unique e-learning solution based on interactive 360° image technology that makes the training more realistic and effective. We create the latest standard of scenario based e-learning in the operational training, demonstration, virtual visiting, etc...

Unique Benefits

Virtual Training gives you a professional e-learning and specifically tailored to your needs using your own specific data and your own aircrafts at an unbeatable cost. Our high quality 360° image production is a very cost effective and time saving way to create a unique experience as close to reality as it gets, with a standard desktop technology or IOS, Android platforms in the following areas:

  • Success Virtual Training™ SVT application creates an environment for the “Cabin Crew Emergency Equipment Location, Operation of Cabin Doors Aircraft Visit, Cockpit familiarization and the Aircraft Seat Operation”
  • Success Virtual Training™ SVT application helps in allowing a real life experience while interacting in a virtual environment
  • Success Virtual Training™ SVT application helps in allowing a real life like experience that may replace the regulatory requirement for the pre-safety briefing.

Learning Modes:

  • Success Virtual Training™ SVT application provides a structured learning mode to achieve specific tasks for the “Cabin Crew Emergency Equipment Location (Pre-flight check & Operation), Operation of Cabin Doors/over-wing exit, Aircraft Visit, Cockpit familiarization and the Aircraft Seat Operation”.
  • Demo Mode showing how to locate the emergency equipment, how to operate a cabin door/over-wing exit, how to operate a J/C and F/C seat or sweet and cockpit familiarization.
  • Free Play mode to allow user unlimited freedom to explore and learn, without testing.
  • Test mode to confirm learning has been achieved.

Basic Features:

  • Multi-user training environment
  • Learner data tracking of task
  • Replay of task
  • Replay of correct procedural steps

Cabin Crew Safety Training

Clickable hot-spots that opens up a fact sheet incl. texts, stills, video, animations, 3D etc.

Overview maps that simplify for users to orientate themselves in the training environment.

Built in exercise and examine functionality.

3D incident simulations, e.g. fire-fighting techniques, first aid scenarios, technical issues, etc.

Integration with e-learning platform (LMS) for user admin and reporting.

Cabin Crew Service Training

Our virtual Customer Service Training is tailor made for the airlines as per their service routine. Each course combines the fundamentals of customer service with company specific procedures and guidelines that are combined to create a high impact customer service program for Cabin Crew. Silver Service Cabin Crew Training programmes are required for both new and existing cabin crew who are looking to acquire new skills and knowledge or to refresh their existing knowledge.

We develop a Silver Service Cabin Crew Training programme that involves virtual, interactive and informative learning sessions tailored to your aircraft type.

Our learning solution covers the following topics virtually:

Introduction to VIP Service
Principles of Silver Service
Laying Place Settings
Cutlery, Plates & Glassware
Napkin Folds
Serving Food Attractively
Serving, Clearing In and Plate Stacking
Different types of Silver Service
Service Extras
VIP / Private Jet Operators & Operations
Galley management
Table Management training
Communication and cultural differences
Garnishing and food plating/presentation techniques
Cabin Preparation ideas to impress
Food safety
Trolley lay-up


  • Reduction in Aircraft visits
  • Reduction in associated training costs (Safety Trainer time, transport, expenses etc)
  • Reduction in logistical management (security passes, transport etc)
  • Increase in training quality and success rates


  • Bespoke & Flexible solution; custom-made to each client's aircraft fleet
  • Instantaneous updates across entire training network
  • Company-wide aircraft familiarisation training requirements in one solution


Develop and maintain aircraft familiarisation with zero pressure outside the normal recurrent/initial course schedule
Your computer becomes a virtual aircraft cabin on demand, at any time, in any location No training schedule required and no limit to simultaneous users

I.T. Department:

  • CDROM*, Intranet or Internet Delivery (*specific solutions only)
  • No maintenance issues and virtually zero "down-time"
  • No requirement for a dedicated training facility or specialised equipment
  • Easy and quick to set up