Success Scheduling System SSS ™

Optimum Cost versus Organisation size oriented scheduling system. Whether you are Airlines flight operations, Air charter, Helicopter or Aviation training organization We can solve Scheduling and time limitation problems. US FAA, UK CAAP 371 Compliance and more custom tailor to your specific needs

Flight Logs:

Record Flight Logs - Monitor Crew FDTL - Maintain Crew Rosters - - Maintains Flight logs with all the details (Aircraft Tail #, Crew, Monitor Crew Flight Duty Period, Records Recency, Scheduled and Actual Times Track)

Crew Roster:

- Provides a functionality to plan for future flights and ensure crew is within Flight Time Limitations (FTL)

Crew Records:

- A simple and effective way to manage all crew leave, records, trainings and per diem

Crew FDTL:

- Maintains crew rest and FTL as per CAP 371 for Days off, Duty Hrs and Flight Times

Utilisation Reports:

- Comprehensive report showing monthly aircraft and crew utilization highlighting any FTL violation

Fuel & Charges :

- Logs fuel uplift, burnt & charges to analyze the utilisation

System Benefits

System Benefits

Success Scheduling System SSS has been designed to record flight logs, monitor crew duty & flight times and maintain crew rosters and track records recency. The system allows the user to create crew roster for the planned flights in advance so that their flight & duty times remain within the FDTL (Flight & Duty Time Limitations) as per CAP-371 or also can be customised to other regulations.

Centralised & Integrated

The System has centralised database with integration between the processes and flows Cost-effective Solution.
Success Scheduling System SSS has proved to be cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized operators when compared with other solutions.

Recognised & Accepted

The system is used by lot of UAE charter operators and is recognised & accepted by UAE General Civil Aviation Authority.