Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS

Empower your cabin crew with real-time and relevant information for service excellence

Before, during and after flights, Cabin Managers are responsible for a wealth of administrative tasks that are vital for the smooth running of cabin services, including keeping note of stock levels of critical items, filing various types of flight reports, completing orders for supplies, and filing paperwork to ensure suitable staffing levels. With passengers today placing high emphasis, in–flight service has become a crucial element of airline branding, however lack of real time passenger information and materials for ready reference by crew on-board often diminishes their ability to provide better service.

Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS ,Cabin Crew Mobility Solution empowers the crew with essential on-board solution that helps them improve customer service and positively influence customers’ re-flying intentions.

The solution puts relevant information about the passenger and facilities on-board at the fingertips of the crew to enable them serve better. It also serves as a platform for continuous knowledge enhancement by providing safety and service manuals along with other reference material in quickly accessible form on the mobile device.

The system saves Cabin Crew considerable time, and also saves the airline nearly one tonne of paper every month, making the digitalisation project into a successful ecological initiative.

The key features:

My Passengers: for a differentiated Service – The application helps the crew identify high valued customers based on their profile for the VIP Operations or the airline’s loyalty program and provide differentiated service to them.

My Order: for an improvement in Productivity –Key information such as the galley load plans and passenger information is available on I Pads saving time and improving efficiency when the crew serves passengers on-board.

My Voyage Reports: for instant Feedback –Crew can file electronic voyage reports directly in the application for immediate action to be taken on landing or future action.

My Flight: Our global experience in implementing mobility solutions across industries ensures that you have access to a wide variety of tried, tested and dependable technologies to provide customers with updated weather forecast, special activities and events for cities the customer is flying to.

My Reports: A complete electronic cabin admin feature for Cabin Technical Logbooks, Air Safety Reports & Medical Reports.

My Crew: This area provides the Cabin Manager with the crew list for the rotation. In the main body area information provided includes grade, staff numbers, gender, first name, family name, CCM, nationality, languages spoken. Crew operating positions for the flight are added through this feature.

My Library: This area provides the Cabin Crew with up to date information for all sort of company manuals, Service Sequence Notes, Passenger Announcements, and Flight Instructions for management information on recent changes and points of importance for Cabin Crew.

My Reports: Crew Portal – A self-service portal for the cabin crew to handle their day-to-day communications with administration such as viewing and editing report all sort of reports, viewing upcoming flights and make Catering Orders.

In-flight Catering Services & Solutions Falling revenues and rising customer expectations are forcing airlines to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while providing enhanced customer experience. Providing the right choice of meals in terms of quantity, quality, hygiene standards, and taste can be a challenge. Therefore, it is important that the airline and caterers across the network collaborate on a real time basis to achieve the highest levels of service standards.

Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS has an In-flight Catering Management Solution that automates the end-to-end operations of the airline’s in-flight services while connecting all partners involved. It supports day to day operations of in-flight catering as per the customer profile.

Key benefits include:

More Satisfaction

The application has features that help make the right VIP’s choice of meal through it’s built in profile management database by avoiding their dislikes and their recent orders.

Invoice Reconciliation

Meal quantities ordered for each flight are entered into the system. This can be reconciled against caterer invoices reducing payment errors.

Trend Analysis & Voyage Report Tracking

All catering-related information is available in a single system, allowing generation of trend reports and business intelligence for performance tracking

Better Galley Load Planning

Cabin Manager will identify the quantity and location of the food & beverages as per the galley location.

Response to Change

Templates are available in the system to enable quick response to changes in catering providers.

Accurate Planning and Budgeting

Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS your catering orders with a perfect overview of the costs. All menu prices as well as the total amount of your orders are indicated. With our app you can create, save and send your catering orders and also add useful information such as packaging instructions, available heating equipment etc. which helps our catering partners to prepare and deliver your catering exactly according to your wishes.

Feedback on catering costs

Success Cabin Digital Solutions™ SCDS allows highly accurate planning and budgeting.

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