Success Cabin Crew Training Devices™

We have been working with our flight operations and cabin safety specialist expertise to initiate conceptual design, preliminary design and construction of cabin safety and service training devices.

We are a specialist provider of world class crew training solutions for the civil aviation and aerospace industries.

Designed to create a realistic cabin environment for emergency evacuation training, Our Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs) are custom-made to replicate any aircraft configuration and cabin layout incorporating flight deck, fully operational doors and evacuation slides. Built to the highest engineering standards utilising heavy-duty, fire-retardant composite build technology, these devices are equipped with smoke and fire simulation, decompression and sound effects.

Operating systems simulate emergency scenarios in both the passenger cabin and flight deck, and these can either be manually activated for on-the-spot emergency scenarios or pre-programmed on a touch-screen monitor.

From Partial cabin safety training mock up for safety training from door opening, door jam, slides evacuation, smoke simulation training and Pilot Incapacitation training.

Door Training Scenarios

Fully operational doors are fitted with various options to simulate malfunctions, including door jam, handle jam, arm and disarming procedures, power assist failure, slide auto inflation fail and slide manual inflation fail.


To prepare crew for decompression in the aircraft, oxygen masks are released, air is partially removed from the cabin and sound effects are initiated.

Cabin Communication Systems

Cabin communication systems are fitted throughout the cabin and emergency lighting is activated in the event of an emergency.

Flight Deck Options

Fasten seat button, sliding window, escape rope, PA, emergency light switch, manually adjusted cock-pit seats and a variety of optional controls.


Multi axis hydraulic motion systems available. These systems can generate accelerations up to 1 G and can be locked in any required crash position for emergency-slide operation training.

Fire Simulation

To simulate a fire, various lighting and smoke generating devices are fitted throughout the passenger cabin. These can be located in an overhead stowage bin, the waste bin in the lavatories, under a seat or in an oven in the galley area. These mock fires are activated from the instructors operating stations (IOS) and cabin crews are trained to deal with each emergency situation that ensues.

Success Cabin Crew Training Devices™ SCCTD produces a unique and realistic fire extinguishing simulator. The simulator serves as an exact model for fires and extinguishing procedures for category A, B and C fires closely based on reality to ensure training is as effective as possible.

Our simulator operation is extremely environmentally compatible. The fire scenarios are created using only propane gas and the extinguishing agent used is water under high pressure expelled from the fire extinguisher as a fine mist.

A highly sensitive sensor and control system at the source of the fire ensures the consistency of fire situations, reality-based extinguishing procedures and safe training conditions.

Cabin Service Training Device

Overhead Stowage Bins

Throughout the cabin, replica aircraft interior panels are designed and fitted with optional functioning and non-functioning overhead stowage bins.


The internal fit out of the lavatories resemble that of the aircraft and include part functional options such as return to seat sign and attendant call button.


The internal fit out of the lavatories resemble that of the aircraft and include part functional options such as return to seat sign and attendant call button.

Passenger service units feature:

Reading lights,
Air conditioning unit
No smoking sign
Fasten seat belt sign
Attendant call button.
Drop-down masks

These units are part functional unless otherwise requested.

Attendant Call Indication Panel

Attendant call panels (ACPs) as well as attendant indication panels (AIPs) are installed throughout the cabin.


The galleys include functional sinks and drainage, sliding tables, stowage for carts and service boxes (fitted with retainers). Buyer furnished galley equipment can be installed with or without 400Hz power supply.


Replica Business and First Class seat / suites can be manufactured to the airlines specification. Economy class seat are usually buyer furnished

To build a training device:

It takes 3- 4 months excluding shipping and actual door purchase. Those are images of our Real Fire Fighter Trainer and cabin training devices which are divided in to Airbus A320 door and Boeing B737 door to suit combined common fleet requirements. All the windows are LCD enabled; the door is also equipped with pneumatic motorized to simulate door jam.