Success Computer Based Operations and Training ™

Learning Management System is one of the common standard that is being used currently to train almost all aspect, particularly aviation, name it Computer Based Training, web based Training, learning management, etc. These provides one element alone, future training requires collaboration from training element combined with Operations aspects, the basic concept is to integrate training and operations into combined element. Custom tailor training is our expertise, with various technical experts from Aircraft operations, maintenance, cabin safety training, you will effectively obtain an efficient product with guaranteed cost effective.

We have courses for Pilot, cabin crew, engineer, ground crew, technicians and handling personnel.


The course is custom built, and fully compliance with SCORM and AAIC platform.

Typical course that is beyond manufacture CBT that is not provided by aircraft manufacture in complete element, such as Standard operating procedures, or who is doing what in what stage? These are one of the weaknesses of operations where the basic manufacture does not provide sufficient details.

The training will be customized to meet individual airlines requirements.

Our process is filtered through various processes

  • Verifying Data source
  • Story board
  • Image
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Presentations
  • Audio and video file

Sample of layered illustration to be able to generate animated program