Success Appraisal Formula™

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF is a formal management system that provides cabin crew performance evaluation that is based on quantity evaluation that lead to a quality of information of an individual’s performance in an organization.

The main aim of the performance evaluation system is to identify the performance gap (if any). This gap is the shortfall that occurs when performance does not meet the standard set by the organization as acceptable, and also to emphasize on the positive performance of the Cabin crew member.

One of the best ways to appreciate the purposes of performance appraisal is to look at it from the different viewpoints of the main stakeholders: the employee and the organization.

Employee Viewpoint:

Tell me what you want me to do
Tell me how well I have done it
Help me improve my performance
Reward me for doing well.

Organizational Viewpoint:

From the organization's viewpoint, one of the most important reasons for having a system of performance appraisal is to establish and uphold the principle of accountability.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF keeps your high performing workers on target and can help with rewarding them appropriately. It also protects the organization from legal action from the unhappy employee or ex-employee for negative behaviour or weakness in work performance because of accurate performance documentation records.

Everybody needs praise and wants to do their best to be appreciated. Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF is a tool that provides the metrics for building a pay-for-performance culture. Regular utilization of this tool can create a workforce that engages, productive and loyal.

Rewarding Best Performers

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF allows managers to discuss with his or her employees to examine actions and behaviours of the previous Cycle Review meeting and plan the next Cycle goals and expectations concerning the employee's performance. A manager has the tools to compare individual performance throughout the team, identify top performers for further development and establish a pay-for-performance reward plan.

Training Weak Employees

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF indicates the need of a weak employee to be improving in areas. You may discuss the causes of problems in achieving goals, working together on proposed solutions, and problem solving for future actions. Any deficient skill can be targeted for improvement with a development or a training program.

Reduce Employees Turnover

An employee may leave a company for higher salary, better job conditions, a more interesting job, an opportunity to enhance skills, or a feeling of a lack of respect or recognition in the current job. With Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF you can take a snapshot of employee performance and previous achievements. Addressing each individual's needs in the organization will create a highly motivated workforce that strives for the best as a whole.

Identify Training Incentives

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF can help a manager to compare current skills with those required for competency enhancement in order to develop a training program. This process leads to greater job satisfaction, employee retention and improved morale because the organization is staffed with a workforce who are highly productive, continually learning new skills and being challenged to do their very best.

Legal Protection Evidence

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF can also be used to secure the organization from potential legal situations. The assessment is documentation that allows you to build an airtight case should you need to terminate an individual due to unsatisfactory performance.

Used as an employee motivator

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF can also be used to secure the organization from potential legal situations. The assessment is documentation that allows you to build an airtight case should you need to terminate an individual due to unsatisfactory performance.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF helps make management and supervisory responsibilities easier by creating a healthy environment among employees and manager, as it takes just minutes to evaluate your employees effectively!

Explore our Simple Integrated Solutions

  • Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF provides trend setting, non-form based solutions for human capital and operational performance management.
  • Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF improves engagement by facilitating frequent communication and incorporating social feedback.
  • Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF business intelligence solutions display real time information through innovative KPI dashboards that enables a process of management by exception with the ability to drill down, understand underlying trends, and take appropriate remedial actions.

Performance Assessment for the Flying Staff in the Airlines Industry

Members of the flying staff in the airline sector carry out some of the most important tasks of their individual organisations. Whilst the successful operations of an airline is undoubtedly dependent upon the combined efforts of employees on the ground and in the air, the flying crew have the paramount responsibility of actually transporting organisational clients and making their experiences, satisfying, comfortable and enjoyable (Baker & Dismukes, 2002). The efficiencies, capabilities and attitudes of members of the flying crew are vitally important for customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Inefficiencies and inadequacies on their part can lead to customer dissatisfaction, with consequential adverse results on company image, sales and profitability (Baker & Dismukes, 2002).

Optimising the performance of the flight crew is thus a major objective of all efficient and well run airlines (Baker & Dismukes, 2002). Most such airlines pay great attention to the selection of their flying staff and develop elaborate and specialised training programmes for their professional and personal development. Performance assessments of such employees are carried out very regularly and enable organisational managements to ascertain different facets of the personalities, skills and attitudes of flying staff (Baker & Dismukes, 2002).

Since you manage a remote team of cabin crew, please ask yourself...

  • Is there a strong foundation of trust, respect, and collaboration among team members, even if they have few or no opportunities to work together face-to-face?
  • Are the diverse talents, knowledge, and expertise of team members being used to achieve the best possible outcomes?
  • Are you coaching and giving feedback to all team members, even though they are not working at your location?
  • Does the team know their achievements and successes are appreciated and recognized by the organization?
  • Does each team member know what is expected?
  • Are the objectives clearly defined, communicated, and understood?


Key features of Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF include:

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF is an automated system that ensures that your organization’s performance management is built around a world-class best practices, that encourages management and employee participation to operate more efficiently, and brings greater consistency to the entire review process, by abandoning ineffective, paper-based processes help your organization to establish tighter links between employee and the organizational goals to produce stronger performance evaluations that integrate more closely with compensation, employment planning, retention, and more.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF offers a complete, automated performance management solution designed specifically for all sizes of businesses and all types of operations.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF is an affordable, web-based package with an IOS and Android applications that will enable your organization to quickly and easily implement performance management best practices and automate painful manual processes.

with Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF , you’ll enjoy higher employee engagement, better HR and executive oversight, and more efficient business practices.

Unlike other traditional softwares available in the market, Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF , is extremely easy to implement, and much easier to use, managers and employees at your organization will simply log in or their application from any web-enabled computer or launch their IOS and Android application 24/7 to access their forms, set their goals, and other pertinent review information.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,is an automated Performance Management formula for on-board performance that will reduce paperwork by %90 and significantly increase and employee participation and improve the quality of feedback.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,offers an easy way to compare staff performance in each competency and overall performance over a period of time.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,will help in streamlining the Goal Planning by establishing S.M.A.R.T goals that increases goal visibility and align employees across the organization.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,builds a stronger compensation planning that Create a true pay-for-performance culture to motivate and reward employees based on a fair play system.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,is an excellent tool to monitor trends and identify areas for development to identify the training incentives.

Success Appraisal Formula™ SAF ,is more affordable than what you may think - with no special hardware to buy, no requirement of a 24/7 IT support and no expensive upgrades to your existing IT platform to pursue.